Uploading Your Music to HostBaby Just Got Easier

Uploading audio to HostBabyWe’re always on a quest to improve the HostBaby experience and one of the things that’s been on our list for a while is to improve our audio-upload and import processes. This project came in two stages. As you may remember, we added the ability for CD Baby clients to automatically import their CD Baby tracks to HostBaby earlier this year. The second phase involved improving the audio upload process itself. The original upload process involved too many steps and clicks and often confused people. After a great deal of user-interface planning and programming, we’ve implemented a new process which is already testing much better with our clients. And don’t worry, all the same options are still there. We simply put the additional options under expandable menus.

Anyway, we hope you like the new music page interface. The last thing we want to do is stand between your music and your fans!

In fact, why not upload a track right now? It doesn’t need to be polished. Unfinished tracks are the best to get feedback on. Then you can rework it and re-upload it. The online world is an ideal place to test your new ideas.

(Pssst! Also, stay tuned! One of our biggest new features of the year is coming soon).