How to Embed Tweet Testimonials on Your Website

The other day, Matt Blick of Beatles Songwriting Academy tweeted about one of my songs and linked to the full album on (Thanks, Matt!)

Since then, I’ve come across a handful of companies both big and small who’ve embedded tweets on their sites that reflect positively on their brands.  And I thought, hey, that’d be a great idea for artists, writers, and musicians too!

Use embedded tweets as part of your testimonials or press page

When it comes to sharing endorsement via retweets, the Twitter culture is quite supportive.

If someone in the Twitterverse compliments you, praises your music or writing, or spreads the word about one of your upcoming shows or readings, it’s totally kosher for you to retweet. Trust me, it won’t look (overly) self-congratulatory.

But not everybody is on Twitter, of course, and sometimes you’ll want to show NON-Tweeters some of the nice things folks are saying about you. That’s where embedding tweets on your own website comes in. And it’s quick and easy to do. Here’s how:

1. Find the tweet in the feed of the person who tweeted. Then click the “more” link in the lower right hand corner.

Embedding Tweets

2. Click the “embed tweet” option.

How to Embed a Tweet

3. Copy the code that appears in the top field of the “Embed this Tweet” popup. 

How to Embed a Tweet

4. Paste that code onto your website’s Press/Testimonials page (you may have to do this in the HTML/Text-mode of your page editor) or widget.

Bam! Tweet testimonials magically appear on your website.

How’ve you used other peoples’ Tweets to promote your business? Let us know in the comments section below.