Why Artists Need to Build a Personal Brand

Build Your Personal Brand or ElseLet’s say you’re the bass player in a heavy metal band called, I dunno, Goat Desolation. Goat Desolation has a following and tours nationally. People love Goat Desolation. Other bands wish they were Goat Desolation. You’ve got the leather jacket, the long black hair and the signature Goat Desolation goat tattoo. You feel like you’re climbing the blood soaked rungs of heavy-metal stardom and then—all of a sudden—you get kicked out of the band. Apparently, the lead singer wants the bass player from Hurricane Apocalypse to be in the band instead. He says your bass licks just don’t have enough personality. You’re crushed. You drink yourself into a stupor. You call your mother twice a day. The walls are closing in.

But then you have an idea! You’ll start your own project. A band even better than Goat Desolation! You start writing songs for the first time ever. Things are looking up. You get a few guys you knew in high school band-class to agree to don leather jackets and back you up. Your new band name? Bermuda Blood Triangle

There’s only one problem: you have very little foundation with which to build buzz about this new band.  All those years of hitting the road with the infamous Goat Desolation and you never really took the time to assert yourself and build your own personal brand. You weren’t the guy who did the booking, the promotion, the Facebooking, or the schmoozing after shows. You were just the bass player. You played well and looked good, but that’s not going to help out Bermuda Blood Triangle. But what about Goat Desolation’s fan base? Sadly, all the Goat Desolation fans know is that you were the bass player (who looked almost exactly like the guitar player and the lead singer) and now there’s another guy who looks just like you in the band and it’s like nothing’s even changed.

What does this all mean? You have to start from scratch. You have to make new connections and learn to do all the stuff you never did in Goat Desolation. Not only do you have to create a new band, you need to create a website, an email list, a Facebook following, a press list, radio list, booking contacts, and more. You bemoan all the opportunities you had over the years to start building these things when you were still a member of the band. Heck, maybe if you had done all these things you would have been too valuable to get let go in the first place.

The moral of this story? Start building your personal brand today, so it will be there when it matters most. Make friends and connections and foster those relationships. Create your own website. Build your audience on social networks and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Think about the bass players (Flea), guitar players (Keith Richards), drummers (Ringo), and even tambourine players  (Joel Gionthat never settled for just playing second fiddle. These artists told the world they were something special; something more than just a part of the whole. Building your personal brand is artist insurance. Why not start future-proofing your career today? Take those extra steps to connect and develop your artistic personality online and offline. You won’t regret it.

Do you have experiences or thoughts on building your own personal brand? Successes? Failures? Please share in the comments below.

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