Now You Can Pay For Your Web Hosting With PayPal

HostBaby PayPalAttention HostBabies!

We just added a new payment option for your HostBaby account. You can now pay your monthly bill or your yearly fee using PayPal. Exciting right? I know; you can hardly believe it. You’re completely flabbergasted. Well, it’s true!

In all seriousness, we know this makes it easier on a lot of folks and it’s been an often requested feature. We’re always striving to make HostBaby better for our clients. And this is just one more step in that direction.

If you’d like to change your reoccurring billing to PayPal here’s how you do it:

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 11.22.12 AM1. login at

2. Click Payment Preferences

3. Click the delete payment inf option

4. On the following page, select PayPal and enter your PayPal info.

That’s it.

You can also make a onetime PayPal payment any time:

1. Login at

2. Click “Make a Payment”

3. Enter the amount you want to pay

4. Select PayPal.

Note: New HostBaby clients will also be presented with an option to sign up via PayPal during their signup process.

If you have any questions about using PayPal to pay your HostBaby bill, shoot us an email at