Essential Third-Party Widgets for Your Band’s Website

add widgets to your website

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Adding widgets to your website is a great way to integrate your other web presences into your main site without worrying about taking up too much precious real estate.

People are used to seeing those little boxes in the sidebar. They’ll recognize the widgets as a way to connect with you on their preferred platform, or to just get a quick overview of what you’ve been up to lately.

HostBaby offers some built-in widgets, and it’s a safe bet that almost any site/platform you use will have their own widgets you can add to your site, too. Or, there are third-party widgets that, while not officially linked to the brands they integrate with, can be very professional and add a lot of opportunities for interactions on your site.

So, as a musician, which widgets should you be using?

Well, that depends on how you use the web. Your best widgets are going to be the ones that are linked up with the sites/apps you use the most, so there will always be something new or updated in your sidebar. This is one of the great things about using widgets: even if you’re not constantly updating your site, widgets can bring in new content from other places, essentially updating (or mini-updating) your main site in the process.


5 Widgets for Band WebsitesIf you use Twitter regularly, having a widget on your site featuring your newest tweets is a no-brainer. Not only is this a great way for folks to get a quick-glance look at what you’re up to, but it will also link them to your Twitter profile so they can follow you.

Twitter has their own widget ( and adding it to your HostBaby site is simple. (


You want people to “like” your band, and with Facebook’s like-button widget, fans can do it right from your site. Facebook has their own info on how to create your own customizable like button right here. (


Adding an Instagram widget to your site is great, because not only will it give people a snapshot (literally) of what you’ve been up to, but it will also encourage them to follow you, and then you’ll be part of their feed. SnapWidget ( is a great one to use, and there are lots more third-party options out there, so look around and find the one that best suits your needs.


Adding Soundcloud to your stack of widgets might not be for everyone, but if you like to have the option to feature tracks or recordings that aren’t exactly “official,” and you want those tracks to be easy to pass around, it’s a great option. Soundcloud is an established brand at this point, and people know how to interact with it. Check out their widget options here. (


They don’t flaunt it a ton, but YouTube offers a nifty “subscribe” widget that allows you to gather new subscribers right from your site. Check out the details here ( If you’ve got a steady YouTube presence, you’ll want to feature this one for sure.

These are some of the big ones – what am I forgetting? Or what do you use that I left out? Flickr? Tumblr? Spotify? Let us know in the comments.