Social Media Tip for Artists: Don’t Be Boring

How NOT to be Boring on Social MediaHow NOT to be boring

The last thing you want to be to your fans is boring. Obviously this pertains to your art, but it’s equally important that any other content you’re pushing in the direction of your followers – Facebook updates, blog posts, tweets, emails, etc. – doesn’t leave them saying “meh.”

Sure, you can’t knock it out of the park every time, but if you’re consistently interesting, the shares, likes, and engaging conversations will come. If you’re not, you risk being forever relegated to the Meh Zone. And that’s a hard hole to dig yourself out of.

You’re a natural!

First off, I want to assure you of something: you are interesting. Just by being someone who creates, you are inherently more intriguing than the multitudes of people who don’t. So don’t give me that “I’ve got nothing exciting to talk about” garbage. You do. It might not all be earth-shattering, stop-the-presses levels of exciting, but trust me: you’re more interesting than you realize.

I met a woman at a CD Baby event a few years ago and I was talking to her about Twitter and Facebook. She told me she couldn’t see herself actively using either platform, because she felt like she didn’t have anything to say. We talked more and I found out she was a wife, mother, and a solo pianist who had a longstanding residency at a higher-class club than most of us have ever had the pleasure of dragging our dilapidated gear into.

To her, this was boring. To me, it sounded like a story I wanted to hear more of. She was clearly an accomplished piano player, and the idea of her balancing what I pictured as a Billy Joel “Piano Man”-type gig with a busy personal life made me want to know more. How did she get the gig? What kind of piano does she play on? What are the clientele like? Does she record her sets ever? How does her family support her craft?

The point I’m making here is that what’s commonplace to you may be exotic and otherworldly to others. A lot of people don’t know how to play an instrument, don’t know how to write a song, and would die if someone put them on stage and handed them a microphone. To you, this might be second nature. To people who have never done something like this, it’s terrifying and amazing.

So don’t be afraid to share things that you consider mundane. Show people the guitar or typewriter or camera you use to create your art. Share the music that you listen to while writing. Talk about your pre-show ritual. Tell your readers the origins behind a recent short story you wrote. Talk about how nobody showed up to your last gig but you played the hell out of it anyway.

Just don’t post photos of what you had for dinner. That is undeniably boring.

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[Image of bored person from Shutterstock.]