How to Add Video to Your Email Newsletter

How to Embed Video in EmailHave you ever wondered how to add video to your emails?

Of course you have. Video is one the best tools for driving online engagement. Everyone loves ’em: big, bright, flashy videos!

Well, here’s the thing — most people’s email programs don’t display videos. They disable them or strip them out entirely.

But here’s a clever and easy workaround for you to try.

Add a video image to your email that links directly to YouTube

1. Go to YouTube and take a screenshot of your video as it appears inside the YouTube player.

2. Copy the URL for your video on YouTube.

3. Embed that image (screenshot) in your HTML email.

4. Link the image to the YouTube URL.

Bam! Now when someone clicks the picture in the email, they’ll be linked to your YouTube channel where the video will start playing automatically.

Also, remember that not everyone on your mailing list will have images enabled in their email programs — but you can include ALT text with the image (something like “click here to watch my new video!“) so the recipient will know what to do if there is no image displaying in the email.

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[The picture is a screenshot of a YouTube video of my band playing some wicked fun Classic Rock-type cover songs by Tom Petty, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, and The Police. Check it out HERE.]

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5 comments to How to Add Video to Your Email Newsletter

  • I would add one step – a little more time-consuming, but a little more of a slick end result. That is to *actually* embed the video on a dummy page on your website just long enough to grab your screenshot from there. Then, you get that little “play” arrow in the center of the image that people generally expect to see on embedded videos.

  • I use this method on every email I send. Really works great. You can add a play arrow in a graphic program if you like or not…seems to work well either way. Emails with videos do get watched…really!

    -Big Billy Grisack (AKA Mr. Billy)

  • Steven Cravis

    Great advice, Dan Hylton.

  • Steven Cravis

    Good article. Good advice.

  • Zerin

    Thanks for this useful advice !! :)

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