Give Your Website a 30-Minute Makeover for the New Year

Website Makeover

Website optimization resolutions for 2013!

Has it been a while since you’ve updated or optimized your website?

Is your “web presence” suffering from absenteeism? Well, what better time than the beginning of a new year to give your online profiles and blog a few new coats of paint?

If you’re not keeping your website fresh (both in terms of content AND design), you’re conditioning your fans/followers/readers to tune you out. If your website isn’t active and dynamic, they’ll assume you aren’t either.

But it doesn’t take much time to give your website a funky new look. In fact, I’ll bet you can do it in less time than it takes to watch a lousy syndicated sitcom.

HostBaby’s 30-Minute Website Optimization Makeover

[If you want to give all your online profiles a consistent look, you can use some of these same changes (colors, images, etc.) for your Facebook page, Twitter page, etc.]

1. Change the colors

What do the colors you choose say about your website? Is that the intended message you still want to convey? If not, change those colors! It should only take a few minutes. (Use hex colors to improve your website’s design.)

2. Change the background images

Switch out that tired background image of the frilly quilt pattern. Put up something new and spicy. Here’s a list of resources where you can download free backgrounds and texture images to use on your website.

3. Change your press photos

That photo you’ve got up there now is soooooo 2012. It’s time to show the world the new face of you. Oh—but be sure not to commit any of THESE press-shot crimes.

4. Change your featured sample offering (songs, chapters, poems, etc.)

Do you have a music player on your site? A sample chapter from your novel? A few poems? Time for a refresh on those too! Keep the hits, of course (anything that is successfully converting visitors into fans), but a changing-of-the-guard is in order for the rest of the featured work on your website.

5. Change your call-to-action

What was the focus of your site in 2012? To sell your newest album or book? To build your email list?

Maybe your goals have changed. If your album or book has been out for a while, maybe it’s time to focus on your list again, and to share with that list behind-the-scenes content that makes your fans feel involved in the creation of your NEXT book or album. If you’ve built your list successfully, maybe it’s time to start directing those fans to purchase something. So,… reassess your primary call-to-action and adjust accordingly.

How are you going to update your website for 2013? Let us know in the comments section below.

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