The #1 Reason No One’s Buying Music from Your Website

You’re blogging. You’re creating cool music videos. You’re updating your tour calendar. You’re active on social media and driving a ton of traffic to your website — and yet your online music sales are still in the toilet! What gives?

Well, does your music suck?

No, no. I didn’t think so. Well if we can rule out poor quality as the culprit, then your slumping music sales can only be due to one thing…

The #1 reason no one is buying your music from your website: PEOPLE ARE LAZY (and you’re making them do work)!!!

You have to make it easy, easy, easy for someone to purchase music from your website (or from a site like CD Baby, iTunes, or Amazon to which you link FROM your website).

Don’t make your fans do any extra work. No extra clicking. No extra searching. No extra thinking. Otherwise they’ll get distracted by…

Oh, sorry. I just had to watch a JibJab video of a cat dancing to Gagnam Style. So, what was I saying? Oh yeah — distraction!

Here are 4 things you can do for your website to increase music sales

1) Primo placement for your music player

Make sure you have a music player towards the top of every page or in a top position in a sidebar. Don’t make anyone have to go searching around in order to hear your songs!

2) Obvious purchasing process

If you can build purchasing links into the player itself, that’s great! If not, make sure you have a STORE link in your top navigation so people know where to go to buy your music. Also provide them with a few purchasing choices (CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.), but not so many that you cripple them with too many options.

3) Clear calls to action

We’re busy. We’re lazy. Face it; sometimes we like to be told what to do. It just makes things easier. So put a clear “call-to-action” towards the top of your website in a nice big attractive font with a striking image to match (of an album cover, live shot, etc.).

Some examples:

* Pre-order the album today!

* Buy an autographed copy of my boxed set!

* Get a free CD when you purchase any of our vinyl records!

* Download our new remixes!

4) No broken links

You can’t expect your fans to do any extra hunting. If you have any broken links, you’re putting one too many steps into the buying process. At that point, they’ll probably just return to watching the video of dancing cats. So make sure all your links are accurate and active.


What have you done with your website to make it easy for fans to purchase your music? Let us know in the comments section below.

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