How Often Should I Email My Mailing List?

When it comes to emailing your fan list, the question of frequency is a hot topic with no single correct answer. It varies for everyone. For some, the sweet spot might be once a week, for others, twice a month or monthly. Some people even send out daily emails.

A delicate email balance

One thing is certain: too many emails can result in a high unsubscribe rate and too few emails can result in your fans not really knowing you.

The best thing you can do is give fans the option of choosing how often they will hear from you. If they decide — after signing up to get a weekly newsletter — that weekly is too often, instead of having them unsubscribe altogether, give them the option of receiving fewer emails from you by adjusting their frequency to just once or twice a month. It’s much better to talk to a fan a little less often than to lose them completely.

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How often do you email your list of subscribers?

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