3 Affordable Photo Resources for Sprucing Up Your Website

Photography is the art of “writing with light,” and as the old cliche goes—when you write with light, it’s as good as using 1000 words.

Incorporating captivating photos into your website design is one of the surest ways to draw visitors further into your online content.

But we’re not all gifted with a photographer’s eye, are we? Nor do we all own high-quality camera equipment (though it is getting more and more affordable)!

So how can your website pop and dazzle with images without you having to pay big bucks to a professional photographer?

3 ways to find great photos for your website that won’t burn a hole in your wallet

Need an image of a tumbleweed blowing through some rustic landscape for your bluegrass band’s website? Need a dozen pictures of adorable dogs for your holistic veterinary clinic’s homepage? How about a map of constellations for your stargazer blog? Check out these low-cost resources. Heck, two of them are free!

1. Creative Commons Photos-

Creative Commons is a new way of thinking about intellectual property and copyright. Essentially, the Creative Commons license allows a photographer to set parameters within which someone else may use their pictures without charge. Flickr, the popular photo site, has a whole collection of photos that are offered under a Creative Commons license.

Note: be sure to check the details of each license before using any photo. Can it be used for commercial purposes? Can the image be altered? Do you need to give a photo credit/attribution for all usages? The license will let you know.

2. Royalty-Free Images-

Similar to a Creative Commons photo, a royalty-free image is one that you acquire (LEGALLY!!!) and then can use in perpetuity without further payment in as many applications and as often as you like (so long as that usage is in accordance with the purchase agreement). With royalty-free images, the price generally increases with the size of the image.

A google search will lead you to plenty of royalty-free stock-photo archives. But check out Shutterstock to get started.

3. The Library of Congress-

Prints and photographs. Maps and newspaper clippings. The LoC photo archives are huge and stunning. And many of the photos are in the public domain, meaning you can use them for free without attribution—for any purpose you like.

When my old band THE SORT OFs was putting together our album artwork and website (all the way back in the ancient days of 2006), I picked a half dozen WWII-era images from the LoC’s site to use as the foundational visual themes of the site/album.


Once you’ve found the perfect images for your website, you can easily upload them through HostBaby’s simple photo uploader—and even use them in a custom slideshow. If you’re not an existing HostBaby client, try it out free for 30 days! We’ll help you build a professional website in minutes.

Where do you get captivating images to put on your website? Let us know in the comments section below.

 [Camera logo from Shutterstock.]