What the Colors You Choose Say About Your Website

ColorsColors can evoke emotions and associations when we experience them. Not only that, they can change the way we think. Studies have shown that red increases our ability to concentrate and blue can increase creativity. Colors have power. What does your website communicate with color? Cool colors like blue and green often have a calming effect, while warm colors like orange and red arrest our attention. Color combinations can evoke subtle emotions and experiences.

Colors can also be used to describe the mood of your art.Why not grab a pen and paper and try describing your art in colors? Are the colors that you come up with on your website? If your art evokes orange, what kind of orange is it? Is it a harsh reddish-orange or a tame muted orange? Below you will find some common associations that people have with various colors.

It is important to note that colors have different significance across different cultures, and in different situations. Sometimes red stands for love and sometimes it represents violence. It will depend on how you use your colors. Also, there is no way to insure that the colors you choose will have the same effect on everyone, but then again, art would probably be boring if it had the same effect on everyone.

(The following definitions are based on this article Color Psychology and Online Marketing)

Red. Alertness, urgency, passion, desire, love, anger, violence, and danger.

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Orange. Joy, aggression, energy, warmth.

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Yellow. Optimism, sunshine, hope, energy, and happiness. (Note: Yellow can be hard to look at on a computer screen. Use judiciously.)

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Blue. Trust, security, calm, responsibility, friendliness.

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Green. Wealth, health, growth, renewal and the environment.

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Purple. Royalty, creativity, wisdom, dignity, status.

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Pink. Romance, love, calm, femininity, and friendship.

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White. Purity, cleanliness, and neutrality.

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Black. Power, elegance, prestige, and classiness.

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How do you use color on your website? Let us know in the comments below! Include a link to your site!

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