6 Tips for Starting and Growing Your Email List

Email Marketing

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There are so many ways to digitally communicate with your fans these days. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and about 500 other social channels.  And social media is great for many reasons, but it’s not the most reliable way to deliver a message to large number of your fans. When you post on Facebook or Twitter only a limited number of your fans and friends will see your post. It’s easy for your messages to get buried in the crowd of posts and messages getting set out every second on social media. A fan’s inbox is another story.

Email is still far more effective than social media at grabbing the attention of the recipient. Email is more personal and more often read than social media posts.

So how do you start an email list?

 1. Bring a sign up form to live events

Bring a Notebook or create a sign up sheet on your computer that can be printed out whenever you need more copies. Make sure your email list is clearly labeled. Give each page a big bold header. Write something like: “Sign up to my email list and get updates and discounts.”

 2. Put your sign up list in the right place

At an event, make sure your list is visible and easy to access. Keep it somewhere where everyone will pass-by, like the door or near the bar. Don’t put your sign up list in an out-of-the-away place like a stage, where people have to walk up to you and sign it! That’s awkward for a lot of people. Make it easy, noticeable, and accessible to everyone. Make sure there is adequate light and writing materials. Multiple sheets will allow multiple people to sign up at the same time. Just don’t go too crazy. You don’t want 20 email addresses on 20 different sheets of paper.

3. Ask people to sign up

Sometimes it takes more than just bringing a sign up list to your events. If you have a microphone, use it. Ask people to sign up. Point out where the list is located. During breaks or after the event grab a additional sign up sheet and walk around. Start talking to people. If they liked the show ask them to sign up for your list. Currently with my band we take turns with the list. We get more people this way than any other method!

“Turns out that an email list is still one of the most effective ways to get the word out to fans.”

4.Put a sign up form on your website

You have one right? Make it visible and create a strong call to action. Often a direct message such as “Sign up now to get the latest news” will work better than a passive title such as “email list.” Let them know what they’ll get if they sign up.

5.Grow your email list with social media

These two work best in concert with one another. Encourage people to sign up to your email list on Facebook and Twitter or any other social networks you use. Make sure to explain why joining your email list is a good idea.

6.Offer an incentive for people who sign up

Give away free stuff to people who sign up to your list.  Give away a sticker, a free download, or some swag.  A little behavioral modification can go a long way when you want to grow that list.

What else do y’all do to get fans on your lists?

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