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    Excellent….thanks for sharing these valuable tips, Chris!

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    hey, this is pretty darn good. thanks for the inspiration!

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    - Good tips and ideas. Thanks

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    Video is still not widely supported in email, so I wouldn’t use it in a email campaign. It will work with some email clients and not others. Video in email was banned by most email clients because of spam, but that may change with HTML5.

    Here’s some more info:

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    You betcha!

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    Very helpful, thank you!

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    These are all good ideas. I have a monthly free CD contest in my newsletter. The most popular one by far was a guessing game. “Guess which one is Mrs. Kate?” I posted a picture of my family when I was growing up, all 9 kids. They had to guess which girl was me. I was surprised that about 100 people responded. People want quick and easy. They don’t have much time to sit and read stuff on their computers. I am trying to learn to be short, interesting, innovative and sweet, and trying not to oversell myself. (a real temptation when you have a new CD out.). One other thing I publish in my newsletter is pictures that kids have drawn about my songs or concerts.

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    #6 – Getting personal can be an effective tool to engage your readers. People like to read posts that they can connect with. ANd of  course #8. If you are creating the blog content, you definitely need to reuse it in the newsletter. For more ideas -http://bit.ly/QMygxc