5 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Website Audience

Using social media with your websiteBy now, you’ve probably heard marketers and mavens from across the land proclaiming things like:

A social media profile is not a website!
Your website should be the hub of all your marketing efforts!
Don’t let a social media company control how your brand is experienced!
Social media is the ocean and your website is the net! (OK, I just made that one up.)

So we know that a website is your hub, and that social media is also important, but how are the two best employed together?

Well, before we get started down that road, you need to define your goals. Before you start sending traffic in droves to your website, you’ve got to define what you want people to do on your website. Here are some examples:

  • Sign up to email newsletter
  • Comment on blog
  • Buy CD, eBook, merch, etc.
  • Share your content with others
  • Enter a contest

Create a priority list. What is the most important thing someone can do on your website? Mark that #1. Come back to this list every time you send traffic from social media to your website. Are you accomplishing your goals?

and without further ado . . . 5 Ways to Use Social Media to grow your website audience

1. Use Social Media to Promote Your Most Recent Blog Post

Write a blog post and shout it from the rooftops. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media sites you’re active on. Make sure your post promises a benefit to your audience. Here are a few examples:

This article will make you laugh until milk comes out your nose! [link] 
You won’t believe this story. [link] 
If you like chocolate, you’ll like this article. [link] 
Wanna know what I did on tour last summer? [link] 

2. Use Social Media to Promote an Offer on Your Site

This one is pretty straightforward. Create a limited-time offer on your website and promote it on your social networks. Here are some examples:

Click here to get [blank] for 20% off. This week only. [link] 
Sign up to my email list for a chance to win [blank] [link] 
Download my [blank] for  Free. Today Only. [link] 

3. Use a Social Media to Promote Content on Your Website

Instead of posting your video, comic, photo, song or other sharable content directly on Facebook or Twitter, post it on your website and then link to it from social media sites. Once your fans are on your website, you can coerce them into accomplishing one of your website goals such as buying something or signing up to your email list.


Did you catch the video of last night’s show? You won’t believe what happened: [link] 
This photo exemplifies everything we stand for (in a funny way): [link] 
Do you love this poem as much as I do? [link]  

4. Use Social Media to Encourage Content Creation for Your Site

This is really the perfect recipe for website-social media symbiosis. Encourage your fans to create something that you will post on your website. It could be a poem, a song, a video. a design – anything. Then curate the content and place it on your blog. This could be a contest with prizes or the prize could simply be getting featured on your website. Don’t be afraid to post the not-so-great content either. This way everyone will feel included and feel compelled to share the blog post with friends and family.


Write a haiku about my new album and I’ll post it on my site [Link]
Consider yourself an artist? I need some logo ideas! Top 5 ideas get free tickets to July’s event. [Link]
Take a pic of yourself holding my new book, and I’ll post it on my site! [Link]

Not only do you get free content for your website, but your fans become active marketers for your website. Pretty cool, right?

5. Ask for an Opinion on Something You Post

Ask for your fans’ expertise on something. Show them that you value their opinion. Post something you created on your blog and encourage your fans to comment.

Here are a few possible scenarios:

I just wrote this song. Would love some feedback. [link] 
Do you think my language is too flowery here? [link] 
I need your opinion so I can finish my album. [link]  
Do you have any suggestions for using social media and your website together for promotional success? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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