Add to Cart – 6 Ways to Boost Sales on Your Website

Selling Online : Shopping Cart ButtonSelling your product on your website is not, thankfully, rocket science. Offer a great product (album, eBook, Play-Doh-replica of the Venus De Milo, what-have-you . . .), let people know about it, and make it super easy for people to buy. Simple, right? Well, OK, perhaps there’s a little more to it then that. That’s why I’d like to share these 6 head-smacking tips that will help you sell more on your website.

1. Give Your Customers Payment Options

Not everybody has a PayPal or Google Checkout account, and not everybody feels comfortable entering in a credit card online. Make sure you give your customers as many payment options as possible. Believe it or not, many still prefer to mail a check. Let them. It’s no sweat off your back. Just make sure you’ve clearly spelled out how to pay according to the method they choose.

Some people may not want to buy your product from your website at all. They may feel more comfortable buying your book from Amazon, or your album from iTunes. Make sure that your customers have plenty of options and they’ll choose the method that best suits them.

2. Link to the Right Place

Do you have a store page on your website? Yes? When you invite someone to buy your product in a Twitter tweet, a Facebook post, or anywhere else, make sure you send them to your store page. Otherwise they may get distracted by some other shiny object on your website and forget about the purchase altogether.

A word of warning: telling someone who is unfamiliar with your product to “Buy my cool thing” is rarely effective.  It’s like trying to make out with a girl (or guy) before you’ve even bothered to ask them out. You’ve got to first introduce yourself, shower them with compliments, and THEN invite your new “friend” out for a drink and tongue tango. I may have taken this metaphor too far. But you get the idea: Woo your customers. Then give them the correct link.

3. Make Your Store Easy to Find

Don’t name your store tab “Joe’s Supply Shack” or “Sally’s Merch Booth.” Just call it “Store.” I know it’s boring, but everybody knows what Store means and it will be much easier for customers to find – and buy – your product.

Also consider calling attention to your store throughout your site. Whenever you mention or discuss something on one of your web pages that relates to a purchasable item, create text links that also lead to your store. This way, your customers will never have to ask themselves, “How do I get one of those . . .” because the answer will be right in front of them.

4. Offer a Variety of Product Options

Some people only read paperbacks and some people only read eBooks. Some people always get expedited shipping, others always get the slowest and the cheapest option. If you have the ability to offer your product in different formats. Do so. Heck, offer a gift-wrapped version for 5 extra bucks.

Also try bundling. People hate shopping and they love deals. If they can take out two birthdays and a bar mitzvah in one transaction, they’ll feel like a million bucks. Make sure you offer incentives for larger purchases by bundling duplicate or complimentary items at a discounted rate.

5. Offer Limited-Time Discounts

There’s nothing like a limited-time exclusive offer to loosen purse strings. But you gotta make it count. You’ve got to make your fans feel like they are getting something personal. So instead of announcing a month-long sale to your whole email list, try offering an hour-long discount to your Twitter followers. Or give a special gift to people who order on a certain day.

6. Follow Through Like a Prince

You want repeat business right? Then dazzle your customers with above-and-beyond service. Make sure they get their product in plenty of time. Include a note of thanks in any shipped package. Make sure to follow up with your customers later on. Ask them what they liked and what they didn’t. Apologize. Fix what they didn’t like. Get better. Repeat.

Do you have any tips or advice for selling on your website? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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