6 Reasons Why Email is Better than Facebook for Growing Your Fan Base

Facebook vs. Email for PromotionFacebook is an amazing platform for building your fan base and connecting and sharing with your audience. But Facebook should not be the only way you communicate with your fans. There are many reasons why using old fashioned email is much more effective than Facebook at growing your fan base and creating actual revenue.

Here are 6 reasons why a solid email marketing campaign is more effective than Facebook

Warning: Email programs like Gmail, Mac Mail, Hotmail etc. are not made for sending mass emails of more than 20 or so contacts. If you use a regular email program to send mass emails, most of your emails will get marked as spam and you run the risk of getting your email address blocked completely. (There are many email marketing programs available. We recommend using ListBaby, of course)

1. Email is More Personal Than Facebook

An email inbox is simply a more personal place than Facebook. Sending a personal email message is the digital equivalent of mailing a hand written letter. While sending a Facebook message is more like putting a post-it note on your friends desk or shouting across a crowded room. People often put more thought and time into reading or composing an email message. Facebook’s ads, spam, games and gimmicks make it more informal and a less ‘serious’ form of communication.

2. Email Addresses are More Valuable Than Facebook Friends

When a fan gives you their email address, they are giving you the keys to their inbox, a place where they receive their most personal messages from friends, family and business contacts. It’s a privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While it seems pretty common for someone to drop-off of Facebook for a few months or longer, it’s less likely they will abandon their email account (after all, an email address is required for almost all online transactions these days.)

The nice thing about keeping an email list of fans, is that you can save it, store it, edit it, and print it out. You’ll always have those contacts. What if Facebook goes down or your page or fan list gets erased? (Yes, it’s happened.) What if everybody hops off Facebook and joins the next trendy social network? Will you be able to find all your fans again or will you simply loose touch?

3. Email Has Less Distractions Than Facebook

Facebook is full of distractions. People log into Facebook to be entertained, to watch videos, listen to music, share pictures, read news and play games.

Your average email inbox is free of these kinds of distractions, therefore you have a much better chance of keeping the attention of your readers when you send an email.

4. Email Allows You to Design an Experience

Facebook messages are pretty bland and uniform. Sure you can insert a link or a picture, but you have little control over how the text is formatted or how pictures are displayed, You are also limited by a fairly small window to display your message.

A good email marketing program like ListBaby allows you to designer templates that can be customized with your own pictures, backgrounds, colors and fonts. You can virtually send a fully designed website with live links right into your recipients inbox.

5. Email is More Actionable

The funny thing about Facebook is that people don’t like to leave Facebook. Facebook users don’t like clicking on links that take them out of Facebook for an extended period of time. After all, this is their ‘Facebook time,’ not their ‘web surfing time.’ Facebook users would rather read about what their friends are posting and doing than get redirected to an unfamiliar website.This makes it much harder to tell your Facebook fans to go to your website to buy an MP3 or download a free eBook.

Now email is different. People don’t mind leaving their boring old inbox to check out something new and interesting. You’ll often find that a well written email newsletter will have a much better click through rate than a well-written Facebook message.

6. It’s Easier to Collect Email Addresses than Facebook Friends

Have you ever put out a signup list at an event where people could enter their Facebook URL? No? Well that’s because most people don’t know what their Facebook URL is. But chances are they DO know what their email address is. For this reason it’s very difficult to collect numerous Facebook friends at an event.

A much more reliable method is to let people sign up to an email list. This gives you access to their inbox and they don’t even need to confirm you as a friend.


Do you agree, disagree, or agree to disagree? How do you use Facebook and email to communicate with your fans? Which do you think works better?

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