Why Your Album Needs a Domain Name

WWW. Domain Name I recently read an interesting article by Michael Brandvold on Music Think Tank about the importance of buying a domain name that contains your album name (i.e. www.YourAlbum.com). This would be an additional domain name that you could point to your main site or point to a mini-site or landing page dedicated to your new album.

Many major label artists will create a separate website for every album release. For example, Beyonce's new album 4 has www.beyonce4.com

While it might be difficult or impossible to secure 4.com, you can always incorporate your artist name in the title as Beyonce did. So if your band name was Pineapple and your album was La La, you could buy www.Pineapple-LaLa.com. (Note: most available .com domain names can be registered for 15 dollars or less).

When I recently released my album Good Morning Giantess, I bought GoodMorningGiantess.com and redirected it to my band's website, Nervousandthekid.com. Now, if I ever want to create a website or web page, just for my album, I can easily direct goodmorninggiantess.com there. (Note: If you host with HostBaby just drop us a line and we can secure your domain and redirect it for you.)

Michael Brandvold writes:

"KISS just announced that their upcoming new album is called Monster. I immediately jumped onto Godaddy.com and checked the availability of the domain www.kissmonster.com… available. In my opinion this is a failure. How does a major international recording artist not have a plan to purchase all of the related domains for the upcoming release of a brand new album and world tour? Guess what happened, within minutes someone else purchased the domain, it was not the band. Maybe this person is going to do nothing, maybe they are going to take the traffic and try to generate affiliate sales. As a band you don’t know what the intentions might be."

Securing a domain name for your album will not only keep domain squatters from getting it first, it can make it easier for music fans to find you. Sometimes your fans might type just your album name into Google rather than your artist name. Owning the domain name will give you better search ranking on your album name.

Do you buy domain names for every new album you release? Did you redirect it to your main site or create a landing page to market your album to fans? Tell us about your experience.

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