Promoting Your Music Website – 5 Deep Linking Tips

linking under the seaLet's face it. You're addicted to your homepage. When you link to your website, you link to your homepage. When you tell people to go to your site, you expect those people to land on your homepage. Your homepage is where all the good stuff is. That's where you really try to 'wow' your visitors. You know that people have short attention spans, so you pack your homepage with all the most important stuff.  And this is all well and great. . .

But (you knew this was coming)

when you pack your homepage with everything but the kitchen sink, your message starts to get watered down and visitors miss the video you want them to watch or skip the track that you wanted them to hear. This is why artists need to break their homepage addiction and come to the realization that the homepage is just an illusion.That's right (just smoke and mirrors and Facebook icons). Your homepage is simply one doorway in a building with many entrances. This is why you should practice 'deep linking.'

Deep linking is when you link to other pages on your website (not your homepage).

So next time you're tweeting or facebooking with a potential fan, instead of typing "check out my music" and typing a link to your homepage, you can say, "I think you'll like this demo" and send them to page that features your demo.

Remember, people are easily overwhelmed by the choices available online. Give your audience some direction. They'll appreciate it.

5 Tips for Deeper Linking

1. Make sure every page also represents your website goals

If you are going to be linking people to deeper pages, it's still important that your primary website goals are not neglected. For instance, If your  primary goal is to encourage people to buy your album, then make sure there is a 'buy album' button on every page. This way, even if you send someone to a deeper page, there is still sales potential. The same goes if your goal is to get people on your mailing list or grow your Facebook "likes."  Just make sure that all your pages are working for you.

2. Don't put too much on a single page

I've seen video galleries that scroll down for ages and photo galleries that have more photos then you can count. If you have a lot of videos or photos, create multiple gallery pages. This will make it much easier when you want to post a link to something specific and your visitors wont have to sift through irrelevant content. The same goes with videos or any other content you produce. Organize!. Create pages and sub pages if need be, just don't cram it all into one place. :)

3. Never underestimate good presentation

If your featuring a single song, video, or other media on a page, make sure you add a description or some background and even supporting links that lead to other interesting content on your site. If there is a lot of text, make sure to throw in some pictures and double space your paragraphs so they are easier to read.

4. Encourage visitors to be social

There are a million ways to share content online. Make sure it's super easy for people to share your content with their friends. Use share buttons and include instructions or suggestions for sharing your content. Often it's good to pose a question to the visitor: "How does this video strike you?" Sometimes this will inspire more social engagement.

5. Be empathetic

Don't spam people with links to your website. Find people online that are generally interested in what you are doing. Chat them up. Ask them questions. Don't spam them straight off the bat. You'll know when the time is right to share your links.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on 'deep linking?' Feel free to weigh-in in the comments below.

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