Increase Your Website Traffic with Real-World Techniques

Band Website on T-ShirtIt's easy to forget how connected the virtual world and the real world actually are. After all, we live in both. And that's exactly why you should never limit your online marketing to just "online." It's time to turn off your computer, roll up your sleeves, and generate some web traffic in the real world.

(Ahem. Before we begin, I mention 'QR codes' a few times in this list. QR codes are a new way to connect fans with your website and online content using a mobile phone. See this post to learn about QR codes.)

And without further adieu, here are 10 great ways to bring your offline fans to your website:

1. Create a domain name ( that is easy to say, spell, and remember. Kinda a no-brainer, but a very common mistake. If your artist name is hard to say or spell, consider buying a simplified domain name. This will make it much easier for fans to remember where to find you online.

2. Put your website address on posters. You can also Include a QR code that links to a song on your site.

3. Put your address on the inside of your CD. You can also include a QR code that takes people to your site.

4.Announce a contest at your show that involves visiting your website and signing up to your email list.

5. Create branded matchbooks, lighters, stickers or buttons with your web address and give them away at shows.

6. Film or take pictures of your audience and tell them you're going to upload everything to your website that night (or the next day).

7. Offer an exclusive free single only available to people who visit your website that night.

8. Put your website address on stage. Paint it on your bass drum or put up a banner or poster. This is especially effective if your show is being televised. (I've even seen a band on a late night show use giant QR code placards, so people could put their phones right up to the TV and scan the QR codes).

9. Record your audience singing a song or doing a shout-out. Tell your audience you'll post it on your website for them to download.

10. Carry business cards or download cards in your wallet. Hand them out to anytime you get in a conversation about music. Make sure your web address and/or a QR code is included.

Have you tried bringing people offline, online? What techniques have you used? Leave your suggestions in the comments below?

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