The Best Blogs for Musicians and Bands – Resources for Independent Musicians

The music industry is constantly changing, and this can be overwhelming for independent musicians. You know there are things you should be doing, sites you should be on, and things you need to know, but where do you start?

Here is a selection (in no particular order) of some best online resources for musicians and bands looking to boost their career with killer advice, tips, tricks and more. This is a compilation of the blogs that we at CD Baby and HostBaby check on a daily basis.

I highly recommend using Google Reader or a similar RSS reader to subscribe to these blogs so that you can keep up to date with all these awesome resources in a one-stop, easy-to-digest format. If you haven't used Google Reader before, it's super easy to use. You have no excuse!

(I've included the RSS feed for each blog so it's easy for you to subscribe).


The DIY Musician Blog


The DIY Musician Blog publishes daily articles and tutorials for independent musicians. Topics include artist and industry interviews, music business news and insider tips and tricks for getting ahead of the game.

Music Think Tank


Music Think Tank hosts a large community of experienced bloggers and writers from around the world. You'll find many interesting and helpful discussions on music technology, the music business and much more.



Hypebot is a prolific blog that posts many times a day, covering music industry news with an editorial slant. You'll find many articles covering the corporate side in the music industry: from Apple and Amazon to ASCAP and Warner Music.



Lots of great info for musicians who are in the song writing, recording, mixing or mastering stages of music production. 

Digital Music News

Not the prettiest blog on the planet but still one of the most trusted music business resources online. Digital Music News reports on the latest headlines in the world of digital music.



Musinformation is an awesome resource if you like your music news in video format. Browse through hundreds of articles, videos,  interviews and more.

The DIY Musician Podcast


If you'd rather listen to your musician news on your iPod, smart phone or computer, the DIY Musician Podcast is an awesome resource you're going to love. It's a mix of roundtable discussions and musician and industry interviews.

Mic Control


A blog that both helps musicians and introduces music fans to new music. A great all-around music resource.

Musician Wages


This blog is awesome resource for those working or looking to work as a musician. It takes a very real hard-knock approach to what it takes and how you get there.

The Tight Mix Blog


Tight Mix Blog writes for both the musician and the music fan. Articles feature digital music marketing tips, promotion strategies, industry news and music reviews.

We All Make Music


New Rockstar Philosophy


Great insights into the rapidly changing industry from the musicians perspective.

Passive Promotion


Passive Promotion promotes "'set it and forget it' methods of music promotion, along with a few tips on mixing, brought to you by a mastering engineer and recording artist."

Ariel Publicity


A n excellent resource with practical solutions and “how-to” posts to help you advance your music career.

Music Industry Report


The name says it all: reports on current events in the music industry.

Independent Rockstar


From their site: "We are a team of musicians, experts and industry pros who aim to help musicians grow and evolve. We’re here to teach, learn, experiment with some ideas and have some fun. Participation is strongly encouraged!"

Digital Audio Insider


Seth Godin

Renowned author and marketing philosopher, Seth offers inspiration and thought exercises not just for musicians but for all businesses looking to "think outside the box."



What are your favorite blogs and resources for music business news and tips? Leave them in the comments below.

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