New Site Builder Feature: External Link Maker

And you thought HostBaby couldn’t get any better! By popular request, we’ve added a new page type called “External Link.” Now you can create a link in your main navigation (nav bar) that goes to an external page anywhere online. So you can link to any page or file you like.

Now you can easily link to your Facebook page or your CD Baby page in the same way that you would link to your music page or bio page. Add a link to your Electronic Press Kit or link to an external blog or website. The sky is the limit.

In order to create an external link:

  • Simply click “Add New” from the “Manage Pages” area of your Site Builder account.
  • Choose “External Link” as your page type
  • Name the link
  • Paste in your destination URL (ex:
  • Click “Add”
  • Click “Publish This Page

Voila! You’ve added a link to an external page or file.

Stay tuned for more cool features and templates. We’ve got even more tricks up our sleeve. You just wait!