Musicians Beware of Flash Websites. Say Hello to HTML5.

Adobe Flash is the technology that allows developers to animate the web. It’s also responsible for many of the more exasperating aspects of web browsing such as pop-up ads, banners that strobe and slow loading animated websites. Apple has refused to allow Flash on their mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) because of the resources it consumes. This fact alone, is reason to think twice before building a flash website.

I’ve encountered many artists over the years that have paid good money for a fancy Flash animated site–only to find out later that fans are frustrated because they can’t access the site because of slow load times or comparability issues.

I even had a website of my own built in Flash and discovered that it was too expensive to pay a developer to update it and so it languished for two years until I switched to HostBaby.

Because of the inherent drawbacks of Flash, HTML5 (the newest version of the language that most websites are built with) has adopted many new capabilities in order to offer a faster and more efficient alternative.

While I would always advise that artists stay away from heavy animations and that could stand between a fan and a potential sale, it is heartening that a reliable and universal alternative is being offered.

The only thing holding back the widespread adoption of HTML5 has been browser compatibility. But that is changing fast.

Jay Sullivan the VP of Mozilla (Makers of the FireFox browser), believes that the switch to HTML5 is just around the corner:

“With Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Chrome, to the extent that we provide functionality in enough browsers, then the developers will switch over to HTML5, especially in mobile, where you can’t have Flash popping up on every page just to do some little animation. The idea that you’d have to embed an entire instance of the Flash player just to play a 30 second audio clip? It’s crazy.”

Is your website built in Flash? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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