Switching to The New HostBaby Site Builder (For Current HostBaby Members)

The new HostBaby Site Builder

We know you’re going to love the new Site Builder and there’s no extra costs for switching. We’ll set up a trial account so your current site is not affected.

Learn more about our new features here.

Wizard Users: Try Out The New Site Builder

(Wizard users are people who signed up to HostBaby’s wizard website builder before Dec. 2010. It also Says “Wizard Site Builder” in your account when you login to edit your website.)

If you are using the Wizard, there are two options:

1. We import your content (pics, text, video, etc.) from the Wizard to a subdomain version of the Site Builder so that you can try it out without affecting your current site. Then when you are ready, just let us know and we can swap out your Wizard site with your new Site Builder website.

— or —

2. We don’t import your content. You start from scratch on a subdomain. Your current site stays live until you are ready. So you have as much time as you like to work on the Site Builder.

Click here to make a request to try the new Site Builder today.

Please specify whether you want option 1 or 2 and enter “Making the Switch” in the subject line.

Full Developer Accounts: Try it Out!

If you have a custom built website and would like to try out the new Site Builder we’d be happy to accommodate. Trying out the Site Builder will not affect your current site.

Click to here to make a request.

Simply email us here with the headline “Making the Switch – Developer Account”

(It may take a few days for our tech admins to set you up.)


IMPORTANT: Leaving a comment on this blog post is not the same as emailing hostbaby@hostbaby.com or using the links above. You cannot request the switch by leaving a comment. Please follow the instructions above.