HostBaby: Going Greener

Carbonfundorg Certificate1HostBaby is proud to announce that we’ve offset our carbon output of our web servers for all of 2010 (6.28 metric tons!). This is part of a global effort by HostBaby to employ sustainable and earth friendly practices and we plan on continuing to look towards cleaner and more environmentally friendly energy options.

HostBaby already has a recycling program and paperless billing.  Being artists ourselves, we’re always looking for creative ways of becoming a more sustainable and respectful of our environment. After all, we live in the Great Northwest and are surrounded by nature’s majesty.

We selected to handle our offsets based on their reputation and green business practices.

We plan on continuing our efforts to become a greener company through as well as other avenues. In fact, we’re totally open to your suggestions.  How do you lessen your environmental impact? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Carbonfundorg Certificate1