The Benefits of Using Gmail For Your Domain Email


If you only use your email a little bit, using a webmail interface that is provided by your host, probably works fine for you. But, if you are a heavy email user, with multiple email in-boxes, using Gmail to manage your domain email ( can be a perfect solution.

Many people use computer based email programs like Outlook, MacMail or Thunderbird to collect their email, but this can be frustrating if you access your mail on multiple computers and devices.  You would need to set up an email client on each device.   Why not make Gmail your email client so you can access your domain email anywhere?

There are 2 ways to do this through Gmail. The best way is to sign up for their ‘hosted email’ program. You can create an account with them (If you don’t have one already) and and then you’d contact your registrar so you can point your email “MX” record to Gmail’s servers.

We’ve created a handy tutorial for HostBaby clients

The other way is to just use Gmail to ‘pop’ your email off our servers, in effect making Gmail your email program but the sending and receiving is still done through your hosts’ server. You can do this totally on your own without any intervention from your webhost.

Google’s tutorial

HostBaby tutorial on how to do that here

Either way you go, you get the benefits of Gmail’s awesome spam filtering, video and chat features, Google Buzz integration, folders tagging, priority email filtering and more.

If you need help getting either of these set up feel free to call or email HostBaby – we’re here to help!

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