16 Reasons Why Bands and Musicians Should Have Their Own Websites

This post was originally published by Chris Bracco on his music industry blog, Tight Mix. Chris is currently the digital marketing coordinator for Intrigue Music, LLC, a boutique management and publishing house in NYC. Feel free to subscribe to his blog’s RSS feed, or follow him on Twitter.

I’m a huge advocate in bands and musicians having official websites. There are tons of advantages to having your own domain. I recently came across some comments on a post over at Digital Music News, where Constantine Roussos outlined sixteen very interesting and insightful reasons why every band should have their own website.

Constantine works for a company that is trying to enact the “.music” domain name extension (as opposed to the traditional .com, .net, .org, etc). Here are the reasons that he stated in that awesome comment thread:

  1. You own your website.
  2. You are branding your artist/band name, not a 3rd party website.
  3. You never know if that 3rd party website will exist in the future or be as relevant. What happens to all that work that you put into the 3rd party to help them create THEIR brand not yours (eg MP3.com shutting down)? How much time was devoted by artists on Myspace the past 5 years? All of your “friends” left and unless you captured their email through your official site, then you are in trouble.
  4. Control your search engine results. Be ranked #1 for your artist/band name. If you have your own dedicated domain name it is easier and also you can receive search “juice” or “pagerank” to your official page by linking to your official site from social sites as well as others linking to you.
  5. It is a long-term strategy.
  6. Visitors to your website have a much higher sales conversion ratio than 3rd party sites.
  7. You control all the content and brand image.
  8. You portray professionalism. Would anyone in the press take you more seriously if you had a website or if you haven’t? First impressions count.
  9. You can funnel and aggregate all your social media and widgets in one location, where it is convenient for your fans to find information about you.
  10. Flexibility. You can create polls and add any programming, widgets or any modules of your choice without being limited to 3rd party restrictions.
  11. You have no fear of being deleted because you are being too “commercial.”
  12. You can own your shopping cart and keep more profit for your sales.
  13. You can add your own advertising and sponsors on your page.
  14. You can offer product bundles and exclusive contests for your fans.
  15. You build credibility with your fans as well as can create a fan club area for your superfans as well as dedicated message boards to interact with your fan.
  16. Invest in yourself and not others. Websites are like cheap virtual real estate property. Why wouldn’t you invest in your domain name for only the costs of a few Starbucks a year?

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