Digital Distribution is Where It’s At!

ipodSelling Music: MP3 power!

With emerging technologies like smart phones, portable MP3 players, and WiFi hot-spots sprouting up everywhere, it’s no surprise that digital music sales are on the rise.  In fact, the extremely popular iTunes store  now sells 28% of all music in the US, and holds 80% of the download market.  So if you’re not selling on iTunes your missing out on potential sales.

How much money can an artist make from selling downloads?  An interesting study compares the sales a musician would need to make in order to reach a minimum wage income: check it out HERECD Baby revenue structure compares favorably with many other companies.

As a reminder, HostBaby is offering a great deal for our customers.  CD Baby, as you well know, is a great company for selling and distributing your CDs and Mp3s.  As a HostBaby customer, you’re allowed 5 free album submissions to CD Baby per year (account must be in good standing).  This includes singles.  Check out the details HERE. Getting your music online for sale is easier than ever!

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