Own a website? Use another browser!

web browsers Have you ever made a change to your website, surfed back to see it, and the change disappeared? If you own a website it’s a good idea to install and use more than one browser on your computer. There are a couple reasons for this: First, by design, browsers will store content of websites visited. This locally-stored information is called the browser cache or temporary  internet files. When you return to a website you’ve recently visited, instead of pulling all the website information down from the Internet, the browser will read the cached information rather than pulling all the content from the Internet. In most cases this is a good thing as it can mean faster loading of web pages – especially if you have a limited speed internet connection. However, if you are making updates to your site your regular browser may not show you the correct, current content.  It may instead be showing you the cached info which may not be latest updates. That is one reason to double-check your website using a different browser. A different browser will help display what is really live for the internet world to see. One way to force your browser to download the most current web content is to purge any locally stored web content. Here is a web page which explains how to do this for various browsers. A second reason to have more than one browser installed is to see how your website may appear to different visitors. Skilled web developers will ensure websites they create will be both accessible and look consistent across multiple browsers. Some websites, however, require a specific browser to be viewed. You will want to verify that your site is both accessible and looks consistent across multiple browsers. Using more than one browser to inspect your site will help ensure this is true. Here is a list of browsers available for Windows:

Here is a list of browsers available for Mac:

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