Oft-used help files

Here is a list in no particular order of the help files I most often send to Hostbaby customers. Some of these are fairly new documents, so this may be a sneak preview for you!

Resize Images for Image Bank

Most digital cameras take pictures at very high resolutions. Images for web pages should be much lower resolution to ensure fast loading and display for online visitors. This article explains how to resize pictures and includes links to several free online picture resize/ crop tools.

Log Into New Wizard

All Hostbaby wizard account users should be using the new Hostbaby2 wizard to take advantage of the latest features and fixes. This article explains how, as well as what to do if you encounter login problems.

Adding Dates to New Calendar

Hostbaby has recently added new features to the calendar. This requires a different sequence for adding events. This article explains how.

How to export, clean up, and import addresses into Listbaby

Many people have large contact lists they wish to import into Listbaby, which is Hostbaby’s mail list program. The data file must be in the proper format. This article explains how to clean up the data to ensure a smooth import into Listbaby.

Adding CDBaby Buy Buttons to your website

If you have recordings for sale on CDBaby, there are some very nice Buy Now buttons you can enter into your website. This article explains how.

Changing your Credit Card online

Hostbaby customers may check their charges and payments online, make payments anytime of day or night, and change the credit card we have on file. This article explains how.

Streaming Audio Player

Hostbaby customers who want to have music play for website visitors should refer to this article.